Do you need to train your staff on cybersecurity?

Posted by Jillian Stewart on Nov 6, 2018 5:15:36 PM
Jillian Stewart


Insiders including employees, consultants, contractors and suppliers are the lead cause of cyber incidents for SMEs. While it’s true that a high number of incidents can be attributed to hackers, the majority rely on an employee, for instance, taking action (e.g. opening an attachment in an email, clicking a link). In other words, your business is just one click away from being compromised.

Therefore, training staff and creating a culture of security is key to cyber safety in a business. An expensive investment in security software and hardware to prevent access by hackers makes no sense if you’ve left the front door open to welcome them in.
Cyber safety training is for everyone in the business, including programmers and the IT staff responsible for running the systems. Attendance at staff training should be one of the elements of the business’s cyber policy (see Creating a cyber policy for SMEs). Training sessions should be regular. Appoint someone in your business to keep up-to-date with the latest cyber threats and run seminars to inform staff about new viruses or email scams, ways to combat them, and new cyber security initiatives. Media reports of cyber attacks can also be shared.
Keeping the business cyber safe is everyone’s responsibility. This is for two reasons. Firstly, everyone who uses the business’s system can be a potential target for attackers. Secondly, cyber attacks have the ability to cripple SMEs, which impacts on the livelihood of all concerned. Protecting the network should therefore be on everyone's mind. The more people actively participating in security efforts the greater the chances of preventing attacks.
How can you reduce your risk and reduce insurance premiums?
With Dacreed's powerful online compliance training you can train managers and staff in cyber security. Once completed, you'll be able to demonstrate a lower risk profile to our partner insurers and get lower premiums – saving you and your business money.

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