Legal Updates

Tarry at your own risk with old information

Nov 6, 2018 2:42:22 PM

The Privacy Commissioner has shared details of a recent breach case in which a zipped folder of files was given to a contractor as part of their contract for services. The folder mistakenly contained a sub-folder of files related to old job applications. The contractor acted appropriately by immediately deleting the records. The organisation was found to have breached privacy principles by retaining the applications for longer than is necessary and in breach of their own policies.

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Israeli court penalties for Lorde boycott

Oct 12, 2018 1:43:00 PM

Two young New Zealand women who successfully called on singer Lorde to boycott Israeli concert venues have been order to pay about NZD 18K in damages to three Israeli teenagers whose concert tickets were cancelled as a result by an Israeli court. The penalty, imposed under a 2011 Israeli law allowing damages resulting from boycotts, will be unenforceable unless the women go to Israel.

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Mental Health Week in the workplace

Oct 12, 2018 1:39:00 PM

MBIE is encouraging employers to consider the benefits to productivity and regulatory compliance of promoting good mental health amongst employees as the nation marks Mental Health Awareness Week for 2018, suggesting workplace activities to promote wellbeing. Worksafe NZ has previously reminded employers they must manage employee stress and prevent stress factors like workplace bullying.

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$10M to encourage women in sport

Oct 11, 2018 1:44:00 PM

As part of a recent government focus on gender equality surrounding the 125th anniversary of women's suffrage, the government has announced $10M in funding aimed at improving the rate of female participation in sport and women's success in competing. The money will be put into marketing campaigns aimed at encouraging and celebrating women's participation and a fund for initiatives.

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Security reminders in Cyber Safety Week

Oct 9, 2018 2:08:00 PM

As CERT NZ, the government's official cyber security advisor body, hosts its NZ Cyber Smart Week for 2018, MBIE is encouraging businesses to take action against the rising tide of cyber crime by adopting simple measures. These include practices such as unique passwords, 2 factor authentication, regularly updating software, and checking privacy settings on social media sites. 

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First abortion case headed to the HRC

Oct 9, 2018 2:06:00 PM

Six women who have sought abortions have complained to the HRC that abortion laws are discriminatory. The women argue those who seek abortions receive "different and demonstrably worse" treatment than others who seek other care, including as a result of the unique need to obtain 2 consultants' consent and care being able to be withheld arbitrarily on conscience grounds.

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$5K Customs penalty for phone searches

Oct 1, 2018 1:09:00 PM

The Customs and Excise Act 2018 is now in force. As well as a range of other technical customers amendments, the new legislation creates a penalty of $5000 for travellers who fail to give customs officers the passwords, pin codes, or fingerprints necessary to unlock their electronic devices. Officers require reasonable grounds to suspect illegality before requiring a device be opened.

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NZ Post breached employees' privacy

Oct 1, 2018 1:08:00 PM

The Privacy Commission has issued a decision about NZ Post's use of audio recordings on cameras in its electric delivery vehicles. Although the Commission said it would be appropriate for NZ Post to use the cameras to avoid accidents, continuous recordings were not necessary for this purpose, and it was unreasonably intrusive to make continuous audio recordings.

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Dotcom High Court privacy ruling

Oct 1, 2018 1:06:00 PM

The High Court has heard yet another proceeding in the on-going Kim Dotcom extradition proceedings. The High Court held that the Human Rights Review Tribunal was incorrect to award him $90K in damages over urgent information requests he'd made to various govt agencies being transferred to Crown Law. The requests were ruled properly transferred and no loss of dignity being suffered by Dotcom.

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First same-sex convictions wiped

Sep 28, 2018 12:41:00 PM

Historic convictions for homosexual conduct have been expunged for the first time since a new law allowing for the erasure of such convictions came into force last year. The law is believed to allow 1K men to seek the complete wiping of convictions for conduct that has not been criminal under any law since the Homosexual Law Reform Act 1986 passed.

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